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                               Angel Readings-Life Purpose
The Angels have said to me that no one can entirely plan our lives on our behalf and that we have incarnated on earth for the soul’s delight (evolution). Even though we are unable to remember consciously what is the purpose of our incarnation our souls haven’t. Therefore we will find that throughout our lives we will attract or create experiences which will enable us to learn lessons, discover ourselves and uncover what might have been hidden potential. Some may have been born knowing their mission or purpose whilst most of us sort of stumble upon ours during the course of our lives. When we do so we absolutely know what it is whilst others need further guidance.
Growing up I always wanted to be a lawyer. That is exactly what I did. I have been a lawyer for 18 years. When I awakened to my true nature gradually my interest and inclination was directed to using my talents and abilities to develop my highest spiritual prowess to be used in service to humanity. I was given my teaching mission by the Father but I have also been led to use my abilities for the purpose of healing. More recently it was revealed to me that I would be serving another purpose, one which I have never given any thought to and if asked would not have believed I was capable of. The Angels see ahead and they know how to encourage us to use our potential to serve in many different ways.
The reason I share this is to emphasise that each may have more than one purpose so it is important to remain open minded and seek inner and higher guidance so that it becomes clear at any one time what one should be focussing on.
Through Theta healing we offer future readings combined with Angelic readings to provide direction. I wish to share with you an excerpt from a channelling from  the Archangel Sachiel which I channelled for my book The Path to Freedom is Truth:
The moments peel away to create new and exciting possibilities. Lean towards us and surrender your hopes and dreams. Allow us to introduce to you the fruit of healthy purpose that your cravings may be altered to serve virtues of men in truth and delight.
The offerings are many at this time as man is being reintroduced to the feral nature of spirit. The passion of spirit is asserting itself as many ones have tasted of its fruit and are indulging in its honest fare. Cradled in the ambience of spirit’s consuming energy you shall plough ahead in certitude to uncover your life’s purpose. This doing shall avail you the very object of your livelihood for you shall soon know that a life without purpose does not exist.
The purpose I speak of is trimmed in a higher frequency and chants of divinity. The purpose is in truth your cosmic duty. Duty to God and duty to Man combined in the initiative of spirit to foster your inherent talents and skills to be directed in divergent ways to create harmony in the world. Man must graduate from studentship to mastership. Your world needs more masters to lead the students out of the bondage of infancy into a higher thought system which will elevate the earthly status
The angels extend their hands at this moment to all who will willingly extend theirs that they may be lifted from the confusion of their thinking into a world where clarity and truth exists.

  • If the reading exceeds the allocated times indicated below,  an additional cost of £10 per every 10 minutes will be incurred.

Please note that with Email readings you need to specify your location, gender, date of birth and Full name. There are many people with the same names and the Angels need to identify the specific person who desires the reading. In Angelic reiki by Remote healing a picture must also be given. The Angels require this. Please indicate  the questions or areas you wish the reading to be Done around.

1 hour readings via Skype or Face to face - 

75 mins reading  by skype including Higher self input - £90

  • Cancellation Fee:  24 hours notice is required in advance for any cancellations,  otherwise 1/2 of the cost of the service will be incurred . So if a reading costs £65 and      notice is not provided £32.50 will be incurred.

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