THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul
                           About Hazel
I am Hazel of The Celestial Touch. I have always been aware of my spiritual nature but experienced a great awakening over 8 years ago. This awakening brought to me an understanding of my true nature. Many months prior to this the Angels began to touch my physical body. I would feel sensations around my head, third eye, hands and legs.
During the weeks which followed my great awakening I was filled with the love of the Creator and began to feel a special love move within me.  A few months after the Arch Angel Michael came to me and said that I was being prepared to undertake a task for God. Thereafter I was gifted with telepathic abilities which enable me to channel messages from divine sources.
I am telepathic (a form of clairaudience), clairsentient and claircognizant. I am clairvoyant to the extent that my angelic guides allow me to see, especially when I do readings and when I run workshops. 

Over the last four years I used my abilities in service by channelling divine wisdom from the Higher realms of Light including the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters, the Father- Mother spirit, Creator of All That is and other Sons of Light (descending sons).
The teachings and higher intelligence have equipped me with the knowledge to assist others on their spiritual path.  I was also led to other resources (publications and people) which enabled me to create a blueprint (wisdom, affirmations and healings) to follow on a daily basis to maximise my connection with Source and to manifest a higher consciousness and vibration.
I was taught that there is no greater healer than LOVE- Love for your god self and love for all. I was introduced to the Cosmic Law of balance and taught that unbalanced conditions in the emotional and mental bodies can create a disturbance of balance in the body in the form of some malady. Thoughts, beliefs, programming, interpretations, perceptions, actions and reactions can all create imbalances which cause mental, emotional and physical suffering. Some of the beliefs and programming we developed in this lifetime, whilst others were brought over from past lives (recorded in our cellular memory) and others inherited genetically from our ancestors.
Whatever these programming, beliefs, thoughts etc may be, they are in violation of the Law of balance which results in problems and issues (‘the effect’) that create discomfort and stagnation in our lives.  We therefore seek to address the ‘effect’ through healing which should enable us to modify our beliefs, thoughts, programming, actions etc until that which we create through them is balanced. In so doing we discover the Truth that equates to balance.
I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner and through this healing modality I act as a channel or a bridge whereby the energy of the Angelic Kingdom is passed through me to the person in need of healing. The Angels through this healing can change beliefs and thought patterns not in the client’s best interest BUT always do the Angels honour a person’s free will and so the client must want to effect change before the Angels will intervene.
I am also a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapist trained by Dolores Cannon. It is a form of past life regression after which the subconscious enters to answer the client's questions and undertake healing on the client. 
I am an Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner/Healer. I was trained under Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Daly.
I am also an Advanced Theta Healer whereby I connect to the energy of the Creator of All that is on the 7 plane of existence and through feeling and belief work, with the client’s permission changes are effected to the client’s beliefs, programs and feelings.  
I am also doing  DNA activation and I am a Certified Advanced Codeologist  Practitioner whereby I work with sacred geometric codes which are Divine Templates of Source gifted to humanity during this time (to Ivonne Delaflor Alexander) to clear discordant energies and activate harmonic frequencies which leads to expanded consciousness. 

 I am also an Akashic Records Practitoner and can access a client's records and receive information from the Lords of the Records. I also do Soul Realignment Akashic Record Readings (trained by Andrrea Hess) whereby I do a complete Soul analysis of the client's Soul Profile as well as blocks and restrictions in their records which are currently affecting their lives and their ability to live congruently with their Divine nature.

The number of healing sessions a client may need will depend on the issue or problem and the client’s objectives.
I am a Spiritual teacher/counsellor and work with the Divine within me and the Angelic realm to guide and assist those who are on a spiritual path to greater awareness. Additionally, when a healing session is completed, whatever the problem or issue that has been addressed, I encourage the client to take responsibility for his/her thoughts, projections and actions going forward. Although through the healing session a modification may have taken place, the person receiving the healing always has free will and can go back to his or her ‘old ways’ if they so choose. Therefore it is necessary for each to assume responsibility to sustain the balance regained during the healing. For those who are serious about progressing and embracing their full potential the effort will be made to remain in balance and they will seek to address other areas where balance is required.
I have been called by the Source in service and I have dedicated my life in service through healing and teaching.  I work from the highest frequency of Love and commend all my clients to the pure energy of the Creator and the Angels that each may benefit in the highest possible way through the healing and guidance received.

My book 'The God Within Speaks' is now published and available on Amazon or through Barnes and Noble.
Blessed be in Love and purest Light
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