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                                     J-SEAL REMOVAL 


The Jehovian Seals or J-Seals were created and implanted on the Earth’s grids by the Jehovian Annunaki race.  Humans share an energetic connection with the earth via axiatonal lines.  As a result of this connection, we inherit at birth the distortions created by the Seals. These distortions affect our genetic structure and our ability to ascend. Anything that affects the earth affects humanity, just like anything which happens to a mother carrying a child in her womb, affects the child. We are within the womb of Mother Earth.  

The Earth has 12 axiatonal vertical energy lines around the globe. The Seals are located on axiatonal line 7. This corresponds to the left side of the human body.  These seals potentially manifest death and have been called the ‘Death seals’. The original Angelic Human DNA template was in-built for biological transmutation. This meant that the body would not die but turn into light or a less dense form when ready to ascend.  Additionally, the original Angelic Human DNA 12 strand template called the Diamond Sun Template was meant to activate as follows. Between the ages 12-22 Strands 4-6 (which corresponds to your soul identity) would automatically be activated; between the ages of 23-33, stands 7-9( which corresponds to your Oversoul identity)  would automatically be activated; between the ages of 33-44, stands 10-12( which corresponds to your Christos Avatar self)  would automatically be activated. 

Due to distortions on the Earth’s planetary grids as well as distortions in our DNA template the DNA cannot activate automatically. The original organic imprint for health was disturbed.  The J- Seals and other implants and seals I speak of below are in part responsible for the DNA distortions.

If the J-Seals are not cleared from one’s energetic anatomy, the body can experience progressive deterioration. These seals  in some cases create physical discomfort or dis- ease on the left side of their body. The removal of the seals can for some people result in relief being experience  ‘pained’ area. Some of my clients who have had neck issues have had either an instant relief of that area or within a few days of the seals being removed. Additionally the removal for the seals impacts positively on the activation of the DNA strands.

The seals are located in the following areas:
J-Seal 1: Top of skull on left side
J-Seal 2: Heart, left lung, back of left knee
J-Seal 3: Pineal Gland
J-Seal 4: Left side of neck and lymphatics
J-Seal 5: Rear left thigh and buttocks
J-Seal 6: Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder
J-Seal 7: Aorta artery on left side of neck
As you know the Earth is currently in a stellar activation cycle (ascension cycle).  During this cycle the Planet’s primary energy vortices (equivalent to our “chakras”) open up in preparation for the incoming stellar spirals. The J-Seals block the frequencies from being integrated, and instead, cause them to function in the reverse sequences resulting in the activation of black holes within the planetary and personal energetic fields. Because of these blockages the higher frequency wave infusions now reaching the planet are not being integrated by many people or not being sufficiently integrated.  This is also the reason why many people are experiencing great physical discomfort at this time. It is through the integration of higher dimensional energies that we are able to clear the distortions in our lower physical/emotional/mental “ego” mind and align with higher dimensions.
Apart from the J-Seals there are other implants and seals which affect our DNA template. These seals and energetic implants also include Metatronic Implants, Templar Seal, Templar Axion Seal, Cell Death programs (Apoptosis), Crown of Thorns, and the Zeta Seal. All of these are cleared once and for all in one session.

Metatronic Implants are a series of implants designed to rapidly reverse the activating DNA template. It is the reverse shadow body as opposed to the ascending, evolving 12-dimensional body.

The Templar Seals have been passed on genetically over time and now affect the majority of the population, making physical ascension impossible. The Templar Seal involved the removal of the 6th base tone of DNA Strand 2, the 6th overtone from strand 4 and the 12th overtone of strand 5 which created massive distortions within the astral, mental and emotional bodies locking consciousness into the 3D time cycles. In order for biological transmutation (“ascension”) to take place, we require to braid the 12 magnetic base tones with the 12 electrical overtones (Remember the magnetic represents the Feminine energy and the Electric the Masculine) within each DNA strand corresponding to the dimensional frequencies we are inhabiting and this results in an ‘up-folding’ of the physical form to then reappear in the next harmonic. If there are fragments of the DNA base-magnetic and electrical overtones missing, this is not possible.
The seventh dimensional Templar-Axion Seal involved the removal of the 6th base tone of the 1st DNA strand, the 6th base tone of the 5th strand and the 6th base tone of the 6th DNA strand. As a result of these distortions in the genetic codes people are unable to assemble their DNA adequately to “qualify” for the next harmonic universe. This is one of the reasons why so many people are “not waking up” during this ascension cycle. People who have had these seals energetically removed can then begin to rapidly integrate the higher dimensional frequencies of the higher harmonics in preparation for biological transmutation and ascension during the current ascension cycle.
Zeta Seal

Everyone has the Zeta Seal in their energetic physiology in some way. This genetic manipulation involved the removal of the 2nd base tone and second and third overtones of the 4th DNA strand which created a hidden frequency fence on Earth. The result of this has been that people have been unable to access their soul identity “Higher Self” – intuitive body which would otherwise serve to direct them along a more favourable pathway of choices in their lives. This is also one of the main reasons why people are not “waking up” and recognising what is transpiring on Earth right now. As a result of this interference the sleeping masses continue their lives completely unaware of the cosmic events unfolding around them as they remain focused within the 3-dimensional reality fields.
The Zeta Sealis located in the 4 DNA strand, which blocks a person’s ability to evolve towards frequencies of unconditional self love, omni love and higher dimensions. The 5 DNA strand is blocked from plugging into any of the lower strands. It’s a frequency fence. The Zeta seal distortion has created a blockage from experiencing astral awareness, astral travel, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, intuitive gifts and causing difficulty in remembering dreams.
When a minimum of 8% of the population (“critical mass”) have successfully activated their 4th DNA strand this will result in an energetic override of the Zeta Seal in the planetary grids which will result in an awakening within in the greater collective.
Cell Death Programs

This is apoptosis or what science terms as cells committing suicide and the telomeres becoming shorter. It was never intended by Source for us to die and reincarnate. Cell Death Programs have shortened humanity’s life span.
Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns is an energy configuration above the head which distorts the natural energetic circulatory system and blocks the receiving of the primal life force currents from your Higher Self (which spans your 4 through 15 dimensional self).
The crucifixion was an energetic crucifixion of humanity. The Crown of Thorns scrambles the Universal currents and prevents its continuous flow through our gateway (Chakras) to higher consciousness. When my Crown of Thorns was removed 3 years ago the voice of my higher-self was clearer than I had ever heard before. When I clear this for others they report a lot more clarity in receiving guidance etc. Also I see clairvoyantly how the Crown is being dismantled and I can tell my clients as it is being cleared.
During the session I connect to your Higher Self through the quantum field by which we are all connected. Through the power the Violet Flame I issue a command which activates all energies, Ids and soul fragments associated with karma related to the J-Seals, Templar Seals and the Zeta Seal before facilitating the transmutation of these energies. During the session I also clear any cell death programs and metatronic implants. This results in the polarizations merging on a quantum level and thereby clearing the corresponding lower dimensional and eventually, physical manifestation also. You are not required to do anything during a session except be in a meditative state. Following the session your body will require deep integration as your light body accretes the energies that have been blocked for so long by these higher dimensional seals. 

Cost- £70

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