THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul
                                         Karmic Clearing
Karmic miasms are twisted energy patterns in one’s Morphogenetic Field that affects our natural energetic system.  It is an energetic configuration created by exercising our free will choices in a way that is not aligned with Divine Right order or Divine Laws. So if you choose self judgment instead of unconditional love you create a Karmic Imprint. This creates separation and polarization and it impedes the harmonious flow of energy within our field. Our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and choices of a low frequency creates a build up of miasmic crystals within our aura, DNA and physical body which affects the natural evolutionary process which obstructs  the process of Higher Self integration.

Karma is not only created through our choices. We inherit karmic imprints from our parents at conception through the DNA.  We also inherit the Earth’s Karma and that of the collective. Since we have simultaneous incarnations in different time space zones which are all connected to one DNA template we also have karmic bleed through from one of our eleven soul extensions who are still in incarnation. This bleed through can emerge from the past or future. An example of this is that karmic bleed through can manifest as physical symptoms being experienced that are not in truth your own. If another soul extension is close to transitioning, you can be experiencing this or running some of their karma through your physical body.

When we clear the DNA template we clear the time line and destiny of all destinations. This means that we can clear 1000 years of Karma in one session.
In this Karmic clearing session we focus on clearing the highest priority Karmic Imprints. There are certain Karmic Imprints that everyone has. The most common Karmic Imprints are:
Poverty Consciousness
Female Image Complex
Inherited from Parents
As part of this clearing I also clear Personas related to the Shadow self. The Shadow self is caused as a result of Fire letter sequences running in reverse in the DNA or by the anchoring of various energetic distortions through one’s personal grid and DNA template.  

These personas include the Martyr, Victim, Perfectionist, Diplomat etc. These personas are neither organic nor intended. They have been caused by code reversals and related karmic miasms. Personas can cause difficulties in fully realizing and expressing one’s full Avatar identity.

The process is conducted via remote clearing or over skype in which I connect with the client’s higher self and set the intent. I then proceed with the guidance of the Higher self to activate all ids related to the Karma, through the application of specialised Codes from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, which transmutes the imprints on all levels of the client’s awareness which is 15 dimensional.

Clearing the Karmic imprints allows the client to accrete more light into his/her field, raise their frequency and begin to embody the consciousness of their Higher Self.

Cost -£75

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