THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul

Sweet Hazel, 
thank you so very much for that WONDERFUL healing you gave Felix
and for the amazing reading afterwards. It helped him a lot to understand the process
--he actually looked like a newborn. And he is still glowing. MT Germany

Hazel, This reading is amazing. It's so clear and detailed and seems such accurate and comforting advice. I am so grateful for this guidance. I have been going though a very confusing time and this has clarified many things and helped me focus on what I need to do and to reassure me that in some areas of my life I simple need to enjoy today and worry a little less about the future.The career guidance is particularly helpful. I have though a great deal about wanting a career in counselling or guidance and as of yet haven't had the courage to set out on a path to find that career. Now I know I should trust my instinct and do what I know is right rater than constantly worrying that it might not workout.You are obviously blessed with wonderful powers of insight and a great connection to the spiritual world. Thank you very much for sharing this gift with me. JJ England

Aura clearing

I had an Aura clearing session, through Skipe, with Hazel that was just amazing. As she proceeded with the clearing I could feel exactly where the energies were working. I could anticipate she was finding slow energies or if she was removing a discarnate being from my crown chakra or heart chakra. The heavy feeling of sadness that I had around my heart area is completely gone. I feel so much lighter and happy. I feel all this love around me. Thanks Hazel you are amazing in the work you are doing, I could feel truthfulness and professionalism in all your actions. Lucia, Porto Alegre – Brazil.

Angels reading & HS communication

THANKS Hazel For making possible this most important and needed guidance from the Angels and my Higher Self. I recommend this experience to everyone. It is a burst of energy that lead you through the path of attaining the necessary knowledge to accomplish your mission on earth NOW! Hazel I really don 't have enough words to thank you for this amazing gift you gave me, the words of my Higher Self. Lucia, Porto Alegre – Brazil.

Email reading 

 Hazel, Everything, every word resonate in my heart, my soul. I also moved to tears (Angels know...). I 'm ready to clean and heal all is needed. 
About the lion: my ascendant is Lion, but most important is the fact that I deeply love Africa, feeling her (or it ?) as "my land". I 'm talking about the central-southern Africa, where people 's skin has the color of ebony, the earth is red .... and the lion is "the king of the jungle"....  Barbara Italy

Email reading 

Dear Hazel, Thank you for the reading. It resonates deeply. I couldn’t stop crying when I first read it but now I feel better. Thanks again. I need to re-read and think some more. J W USA

Angelic Readings:

This is nothing like the average psychic reading that many provide. Hazel is working on a very high frequency. She’s in conscious communication with the angels, especially your guardian angels and higher self, along with the Spiritual Hierarchy. I am amazed at the ease with which she can be such a lucid interpreter for the two different dimensions. I believe she is one of a few who have honed this ability to work on this level, and she has the purity of heart to make you feel safe, no matter what a reading may reveal. Hazel knew nothing of my background or my life, I’ve never actually met her, but the angels speaking through her knew exactly who I was, what I had been through and what I needed to hear. They also ‘called me on the carpet’, but always in a loving and constructive way. Janet- Dallas Texas

Angelic Reiki:
I feel asleep in the middle of my session, but before I did I definitely felt the energies around me and was thrilled when Hazel told me who was there. When it was done she gave me a detailed description of what had happened, where I had gone for help from whom and how that sometimes related to previous lives I had lived. I feel very lucky to have had this kind of a healing work done on me, and I trust Hazel to facilitate it.  I look forward to another session. Janet Dallas Texas

Thank you Hazel for the Aura Clearing. I was conscious of my blockages and resistances during the session and how they were released thank to her love, skills and professionalism. I began to feel lighter and at the same time I got the impression that my auric body was literally bigger and stronger. The next day I got many flashes that made me  recognize my well-being and clear mind. I feel also now that I took a weight off my mind. I appreciate the time Hazel took with me. Thank s again Hazel and all the blessing. In love and light. Consuelo, Malaysia.

Auric Clearing:
I think this is one of the first and most important things to do. Not until recent times has the spiritual knowledge and technology, the angelic assistance and people like Hazel even been available to do this kind of healing. It is a gift. I had a more blocks than I thought, and I didn’t need to know how they got there or how long they had been there - Hazel just removed them! It’s time now, we have so much to grow in such a short time, that I feel we are being given assistance like never before. Hazel is a very committed and talented healer. I consider this some of the best money I ever spent.  Janet, Dallas Texas

I have received several healing modalities with Hazel all through skpe- Aura Clearing, Angelic Readings and Angelic Reiki. Hazel and the Angels are truely a gift to humanity from the Creator. I was given invaluable healing, information, tools and guidance to assist me on my life's journey and I highly recommend Hazel to all, her services are given with unconditonal love, support and understanding. Thank-you to Hazel and the Angels from the bottom of my heart!   Mary Australia

T hank you again for this wonderful ability to feel  'free'.
'Feeling at a cross-roads in my life for some time,  I began to feel a profound spiritual urge to get on with healing and helping this planet but found it most difficult to connect to my higher self or the higher realms for any form of guidance.  I turned to Hazel and she suggested Auric cleansing firstly as she could sense many blockages and discarnates feeding off my soul and auric energy.  I engaged in an amazing session over Skype where Hazel then conducted this cleansing and clearing. As I sat in Melbourne Australia and Hazel was in London,  I could feel the clearing taking place throughout my body.  My body reacted in ways which showed this cleanse was extremely necessary.  I was very tired afterwards and the next day my body felt tension free.  My troubles, worries and anxieties were stll there but significantly weaker and non invasive,   far off in the distant as opposed to right under my nose.  I had so much peace and 'buffering' from the clutter and nonsense and realised that I can 'chose' my experiences with profound clarity and not reactive impulsivity. It all began to clear for me.   This feeling is incredibly liberating.  It is also much easier to 'pick up' higher sense cues and I found it easier to clue in what my family and animals are thinking at any given time.  This was quite an interesting development.  I look forward to an Angel Reiki session in January with Hazel.   Hazel is the real deal and conducts herself in an utterly professional manner at all times.  Furthermore, Hazel IS a true instrument of higher realm Divine origins and surrounds her sessions in complete non judgement and unconditional love.  I strongly recommend to anyone interested, to allow Hazel to help you find your path, your purpose and your connection with All That Is.'  Simone Australia
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