THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul

Dear beloved angel Hazel and my Master Teacher of  Angelic Reiki,
It was my greatest pleasure and honour to meet you personally and attend your precious Angelic Reiki workshop in our country capital.  Throughout the participation of your workshop, the wisdom and divine messages from above, have opened a whole new horizon and insight for me to "see" and "experience" thing or event in a different perspective. The conventional and self limiting perspectives are totally revamped. The New Paradigm Shift begin to take effect unto ME. The warm column of strong lights and energies have been felt throughout the entire workshop. The presence of many divine entities energies can be felt and "seen" too.  I felt the true LOVE of our Creature Son's energy radiating to everyone at anytime there with unconditioned love of purity. I was given many pictures/scenes during the healing and meditation which truly motivated me toward carrying a much stronger LIGHT on the surface. I strongly felt the message from CMA and the Paradise
"Be brave and go forward, speak the truth and carry the light, we shall always guide and protect you". I shall (inclusive my wife) be thankful and be grateful for your kind and precious effort to bring forth the LIGHT in this part of the world even though there are many shortcoming within the environment.  Vincent- Malaysia

The course was truly amazing and I thank you for all your input and guidance. 
Angelika- India

Angelic Reiki Workshop conducted in Malaysia is referred. I came to known about Angelic Reiki through The Official International Site of Angelic Reiki in recent years and the course scheduled and conducted in UK. I am indeed was planning to attend the 9-day course in UK. In May 2013, I received a text message from a friend pertaining a 2 1/2 days Angelic Reiki Workshop to be conducted in KL and medium of instruction is Mandarin. My Intuition guided me to do a google search and The Celestial Touch website appear with Angelic Reiki Levels 1,2,3 and 4 and Professional Practitioners in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the Master Teacher of Ms Hazel Sinanan. After brief study on her profiles and speaking to my HS, indeed she is the teacher that I am searching and waiting for.

The workshops are really eye opening and a new paradigm towards spiritual awakening experience in my life. Ms Hazel is so professional and committed when conducting the workshops. Her mind and heart are so pure and I personally witnessed the channelling of messages from the AA Metatron, AA Nathaniel, AA Rikbiel and Ms Hazel HS during the workshops. She offer value added readings to everyone of us which make the workshop lively and awakening.

The enormous Angelic energies present being felt through out the workshop, and Angelic healing on myself was extra-ordinary. On the fifth day of the workshop, a usual spot of sharp pointed and chilling pain which appear during every meditation over the past 5 years or so just went off and replaced by 'a energy ball'. Instead of sharp pain previously, and now with the feeling of 'string' of energies being drawn out during meditation.
I strong recommend Ms Hazel for who ever interested for the Angelic Reiki Workshop
Wong, Malaysia

Just browsing through the newspapers a couple of weeks ago I noticed an ad Angelic Reiki Workshops.  I read about Angelic Reiki before so my interest peaked immediately.  I went to the website that was advertised and found so much more intriguing information, including Hazel Sinanan’s story that gave insight to her evolution to the light being that she surely is. Intuitively, I knew that I had to participate in the four levels of these workshops.  However I did not expect to have the most uplifting, energizing and spiritually awakening experience of my life.  Hazel has an unwavering passion, dedication and devotion to her divine calling and I truly admire her purity and unselfish surrender to the divine will of God.  She continues to serve God by widening her reach across the globe to help people like me rediscover the truth that I am spirit, I am Divine Consciousness, I am my Higher Self…..simply put “I AM”.  Hazel continues to evolve into one of the brightest light beings on the Earth plain, and I will continue to follow her journey and to avail of her highly caring, attentive, well constructed and personalised workshops.  Finding Hazel was not a chance happening. I was led to her at this time in my own life when Transformation is imminent.  I am now better prepared for the life changing experiences ahead of me on my journey to Ascension.  Wendy - Trinidad

 Hazel, you and the Angels' guidance and work during the Angelic Reiki workshop, levels 1 through 4 was nothing short of amazing. Firstly, so many like minded individuals were brought together, all of us on the path of ascension and searching for our real purpose. Helping me to feel the different levels of Angelic Energy is such an experience that words are not enough to explain. After taking this workshop my spiritual energetic levels has been on such a high that my Chakras (especially my Crown Chakra) seems to be divinely sensitive. I and so many other others felt that doing spiritual work with Hazel was such a wonderful experience, that we wished we could spend all our weekends doing spirituals exercises with her.    Vijay- Trinidad

  Hazel is a very warm, gentle, loving human being who treats everyone equally irrespective of experience. Everyone who meets her will connect straightaway Thank you Hazel for a wonderful and transformative Angelic Reiki Level 1&2, 3&4  weekends. I am still tingling from all the energies, especially from absorbing the powerful energies of the attunements . The course will help me develop and grow as a person, in understanding myself and others, and I hope to be able to help others by using this beautiful energy. I would definately recommend Angelic Reiki.  Thank you to our Angels, Masters, Celestial helpers and Hazel . 

Mary- Trinidad 

 The Angelic Reiki workshop Hazel offers is nothing short of life changing.  Hazel not only teaches you the method for applying this healing modality but facilitates your soul growth through clearings, enlightenment, inspiration and illumination of your own truths.  This workshop has empowered me to attain my limitless possibilities as a child of God and as an instrument of Healing. Hazel is far more than a Master Teacher. She is an enlightened soul living her highest purpose on this world. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend this workshop and be initiated into Angelic Reiki. Thank you to our Angels, Masters, Celestial helpers, Hazel and Father Source

Roshni- Trinidad

My experience learning Angelic Reiki with Hazel stands out as one of the most uplifting and inspirational experiences of my life. Hazel is an outstanding teacher who presents the material with the utmost clarity and grace. Her engaging style and deep insight into the celestial realms made the workshops fascinating and enlightening. I leave the experience fully empowered to channel celestial healing energies to others and myself as well as connect in a more conscious way with my angelic guides. I have now completed levels 1-4 and look forward to taking the Professional Practitioner Workshop with Hazel at some point soon. I recommend Hazel's workshops to anyone interested in learning a highly accessible and profoundly healing modality that holds the power to change lives in many positive ways.   Jeremy Stillman New York   

Dearest Hazel
I am home and thinking about the Angelic Reiki course we just finished. 
you made it simple and clear, your extra handouts where wonderful. your 
patience and dedication to giving us the best you had to give, showed in 
everything you did. Anyone interested in taking Angelic Reiki will be both lucky and 
fortunate to receive it from such a wonderful teacher. Thanks for everything.   
Ray Imperato  New York   

 The Angelic Reiki workshops (levels 1 through 4) with Hazel Sinanan offered an incredible experience of personal healing, as well as faith in my own abilities to facilitate Angelic Reiki healing for others!The attunements received and class exercises also strengthened my faith to connect with and experience the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm.Love and GratitudePhilip De Rossi New York

Hazel's professional and grounded presence was a great comfort as I waded into Angelic waters. I could feel in the space a great balance of both command and receptivity, and this created a great sense of security. I felt I could make no mistakes and I can't imagine a more perfect initiation experience. On top of all this, her clairvoyant talents were a great treat. I have an immense amount of gratitude for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and I look forward to the continuing cultivation of my connection with the Angelic Kingdom.  BriAnna Olson New York  

Hello Hazel
Thanks for providing us with a remarkable set of workshops that truly gave me a different outlook on the way to approach my brethren . I am very grateful to you for your gracious and outstanding manners in extending your hands to us all beyond and above what is expected. Hazel’s teaching was as extraordinary as anyone can conceive of it.  She was the perfect teacher for the workshop and established the link between the angels and the attendees superbly.  The workshop was nothing short of a powerful demonstration of the phenomenal relationship that exists between the so called “unseen” and the visible world. Should anyone be interested in truly providing service to mankind, the workshops provide you with the perfect introduction to the intelligences of Heaven. Rubens Philantrope    NY

Thanks from my heart for the greatest experience to Hazel, the Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers during the Angelic Reiki 1, 2 sessions last weekend. I was profoundly impacted by the energy level and vibration that Hazel and the Angels brought through. This will help me to transform into a stronger Lightworker in service to others. Hazel brings in a non judgemental and safe space guides a special group of people to become the link between healers and the Angelic Kingdom. She is incredibly spiritual, knowledgeable and skilled. Angelic Reiki 1,2 has had a huge impact in my life.  I am looking forward to this weekend for the Angelic Reiki 3, 4 sessions. Many, many thanks to Hazel for the wonderful teachings. John Davies Florida

 The Angelic Kingdom could not have chosen a better daughter of  light to perform this wonderful and powerful healing experience. Hazel Sinanan has shown a strong commitment to be in service of the truth and a gentle desire  to extend her LOVE towards her brethren...We love Hazel Rulx Philantrope New York  

 Thank you so much for the most amazing week-end you are such a cool teacher and I thank the angels for meeting you I will definitely be doing 3/4 levels on and on. I met some beautiful people who I will be seeing on the next course. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge.   H Yates England

 ‘I want to Thank & congratulate Hazel for being a wonderful Angelic Reiki teacher. It was so beautiful & touching, and you brought your rich wisdom & knowledge to us all & gave us helpful & practical advice, of how to enrich our day to day lives with the angels, as well as how to assist healing alongside the angels & Galactic beings.

V Belle London  

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