THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul
 Thank you Hazel for the Aura Clearing. I was conscious of my blockages and resistances during the session and how they were released thanks to her love, skills and professionalism. I began to feel lighter and at the same time I got the impression that my auric body was literally bigger and stronger. The next day I got many flashes that made me recognize my well-being and clear mind. I feel also now that I took a weight off my mind. I appreciate the time Hazel took with me, because it was quite long  Thanks again Hazel and all the blessing. In love and light. Consuelo, Malaysia.

'I had an Angelic Reading done by Hazel. I am in awe at this moment at the amount of information that came through. Prior to the reading I had inwardly asked my angels many questions and was hoping for answers and confirmation on many subjects. The angels answered all my questions giving guidance, assurance, and love. I was deeply touched by this reading from Hazel. I can testify that she is authentic and divine instrument of God. Thank you so very much Hazel and all the angels that helped bring this reading about, it spoke truth to my inner core, and gave precise directives on moving forward on the path of my dreams'. D Sobel  Long Island New York

'Wow! My session with Hazel was amazing she is so in tune with the higher consciousness that you will get all the necessary support and truth from Hazels sessions. She is highly intelligent, intuitive and can channel through information to you for your highest good using the intention of pure unconditional love in all her work. The help and information I received from her session was spot on and I would recommend her to anyone with any sort of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental imbalance. She uses her experience and extensive healing practice to assist the individual to reach a state of equilibrium (balance), then the body can function better warding off illness and disease. Not only a therapy which can help you when you are unwell but also a therapy to prevent disharmony within the body and aura in the first place. Thank you Hazel I feel lighter and wiser from your session - for which I am so grateful!'  Kate, England  UK

"When I went to see Hazel for my QHHT and Angelic reading, I instantly felt very relaxed, reassured and taken care of. So much so that I opened up completely about all areas of my life which I sometimes had difficuly talking about and after verbalising everything that I wanted to sort in my life, everything started to make more sense. I felt so much lighter after, there was no judgement and Hazel was so very calm and inspiring with her feedback and guidance. Both the QHHT and reading were very powerful and helped me a lot to recognise elements of myself I needed to work on, let go and/or embrace. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me Hazel, thank you so very much. Highly recommended!   Trish England, UK

The Angel Reading: The Angel Reading walked me through, clearly and concisely; 3 major areas of current prominence in my life. Hazel received much information from the Angels which she gave to me via a recording that I get to keep. I also received a message from my higher-self later in the reading through Hazel.    I was taken aback by the clarity, depth and understanding of the  guidance given by the Angels, through Hazel, of these particular issues. I have listened to the recording at least 2-3 times a day since I received it and it has helped me profoundly and immensely. I very much needed such guidance and clarity at that time, and didn't quite realize this until I received it! I was astounded that the message was so pertinent, timely and helpful. I felt so relieved to hear the comforting and clear advice. Each new time I hear the recording I glean further concise direction which makes me feel more purposeful and blessed every time I hear it. The angels' message also made me feel that I wasn't alone, especially in a time where I had been feeling the monotony of my own presence. I also received much personal healing, understanding, hope and positivity from every word spoken. Hearing my higher-self moved me greatly and this, as well as the Angel reading resonated with me at a very deep, I would say, soul level. I would go so far to say that the experience has definitely initiated transformational energies within me and has been a catalyst for a newer more potent and resolute version of myself arise. Hazel is a incredibly gifted and divinely guided individual. I would strongly recommend anyone having an Angel reading from Hazel, which will definitely bring about much more understanding, assistance, hope, clarity and great comfort during our many human-life circumstances. 


The Chakra Clearing: Hazel conducted this clearing session whilst we were conversing via Skype... I simply sat still in a meditative stance whilst Hazel went through the actions she needed to do to ensure my chakras were remotely cleared. During this time as I was meditating I could feel certain energies at work, some of which were very powerful. I had been feeling physically and mentally down for some time and thought I would most certainly be this way for some time after but the clearing instigated remarkable changes to my mindset and it gave me more energy, quite instantly. I imagine this was from certain blockages being released and cleared. I woke-up the following day with steadfast determination and I can honestly say I am a much happier and optimistic person from this experience. I have no doubt that the clearing was a success, I experienced positive after-effects which surprised me for sometime after. I would completely recommend a Chakra Clearing session with Hazel as you will most certainly see and feel changes to your overall wellbeing and outlook immediately. I instinctively felt Hazel helped clear blockages which may have been blocked for quite some time, and I feel lighter and 'lifted' ever since


"Talk about a life changing event..... My Angel Reading, which Hazel facilitated, proved to open my eyes in a way I had not imagined possible about my spiritual self and the way in which our guides and angelic guardians are very much present and working to our spiritual benefit at all times. Hazel presented information about me that she could not have possibly known and spoke at length about the path my life might take with wisdom, insight and a profound understanding of core spiritual values which inspired me and have deeply affected my world-view in a positive and course-altering manner. All of which was done over a Skype call! Wonderful, touching, inspiring, magical.... Thank you for everything Hazel. Highly Recommended.

Benjamin -Australia

Today I feel renewed in my life, very tired, but feeling alive n clear of my path and purpose in life now. I give wonderful and loving thanks to you Hazel. For you are a true angel that has cleanse me and more over blessed me and made me connect to my higher self, You have helped me and I appreciated everything you have done for me. It means the world to me for what you have done. Just hearing your voice Hazel, you are a true angel from the heavens and you are doing Gods work indeed.    

Serena, British Columbia

 Hello Hazel, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time on Friday, it was a true (third) eye opening experience. Thank you for your generosity, professionalism, and your guidance....take care, peace, love, light and blessings to you.. R Neal England

You are incredible and are indeed from the Melchizedek Angelic realm reincarnation The recording/reading (mp3 file) within contained a lot of Divine vibrations and it resonated very well with me. Your reading have given me more than what I have requested. Now that I knew I were and am always being loved and guided accordingly, I will proceed "The-Service-To-Other's" principle with more confident and self-esteem   I am very grateful and gratitude toward my Higher Self after you have revealed HIS true self to me. For this I am truly appreciative and thankful for your precious and kind assistance. I will work more diligently and pay more attention to HIS guidance. Every time when I listened to the recording, I am in deep meditative state and guided according to the instructions given. I am now working toward cleansing the remaining old energies within. In the near future I hope to gain new revitalized  and rejuvenated energies with a gradual new perspective (paradigm shift) in life   Once again I am very grateful and thankful that I have seek and requested your precious and valuable assistance.   In the purity of LOVES & LIGHTS    Vincent (from Malaysia)

Hazel, you are such a incredible soul to be around, through your quantum healing hypnosis I received so much insight and guidance as to what direction I will be taking myself. The confirmation and re assurance I gained from this experience will be very beneficial to myself and will definitely boost my progress and confidence. You have broadened my horizons :) Can't wait to share my next experience with you! Love and light.  Gary. Surrey  England UK

"Wow, what a lovely experience, Hazel really connected with me, I had some excellent channelled information which I really resonated with and the most inspiration for me was I had messages from my Higher Self via Hazel, totally pure, I even had a release of emotions.  Hazel is truly a wonderful spirit working for the Divine.  I left her feeling a sense of 'peace' ... something I hadn't felt for a while.  Blessings to you Hazel!"  Jazz, Ealing

"I heard of Hazel through my husband, and he had told me wonderful things about her and I was very eager to meet her, and I was correct to be! Hazel performed an auric cleansing on me, and although done remotely (she was in England and I was in Australia), I could feel every single thing, as she was going through my chakras. One that really amazed me, was on my Crown and Brow Chakra, all she said was that she was still clearing, meanwhile I could feel, as it something was being pulled from the top of my head and it didn't want to go, as if it was holding on to my neck as to avoid being pulled away, and next thing you know I felt my neck and shoulders lighter, and a message popped up saying she had just finished clearing it, a discarnate that was sttubern and didn't want to go (well, I could definitely tell she was telling me the truth!), since then I have been very aware of energy around me and emanating from me. I have also started sleeping very well, something I haven't done in the last 2 years.  Hazel has a presence that can be felt through her penetrating and powerful voice, I felt as if I was being told the absolute truth and that it was safe for me to follow her instructions."   M G Australia

My Auric Cleanse with Hazel was the first of its kind I have ever experienced. It was an incredible event unlike anything I have ever seen. As a Celestial Healer, Hazel was somehow able to remotely (Over the Phone!!!) guide my energetic body through a series of cleansing processes which I could literally FEEL in my physical body as it happened. Even if you have never experienced such an incredible healing modality like this before, I would highly recommend you experience this life-changing experience for yourself. Hazel is an incredible healer, communicator and professional who clearly outlined every step of this journey into healing of self. Highly Recommended...  Benjamin, Perth, Western Australia

"Thank you so much for the most amazing week-end, you are such a cool teacher and I thank the angels for meeting you I will definitely be doing 3/4 levels on and on. I met some beautiful people who I will be seeing on the next course. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge.  H Yates England 

'Hazel has been incredible, very informative and knowledgeable. Her ability to address everybody within the group on a one to one basis is simply exceptional. The passion and belief of what she does shone through with radiant colours. I will certainly be partaking in stages 3/4/. Thank you Hazel , you are an inspiration'.

R. Neale  England UK

 "I want to Thank & congratulate Hazel for being a wonderful Angelic Reiki teacher. It was so beautiful & touching, and you brought your rich wisdom & knowledge to us all & gave us helpful & practical advice,of how to enrich our day to day lives with the angels,as well as how to assist healing along side the angels & Galactic beings "

V. Belle  London

"During the session of auric clearing with Hazel, I felt the energy flowing/waving strongly through my chakras, and felt my body and mind much lighter after the clearing of my blockages. Thank you very much Hazel for the loving & caring healing, and clear description afterwards".  B.W. London

I now feel much more relieved after knowing the past life blocks which also affected my current life. The causes of sufferings and pains of my previous experiences were traced back through your Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and I am so grateful to have this session with you, to get my real truths revealed.  R.Z. London

Hazel has given me a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to ask my subconscious many questions whilst I was under regression that  I  have not  been able to comprehend myself. I actually felt happier and more uplifted and freed up. Hazel is so thoughtful and very professional; she made me feel at ease, so I felt safe when she worked on me. I would highly recommend Hazel to anyone..' V  Belle London
There are many words that could be used to describe the Aura Clearing and Theta Healing sessions I have been blessed to receive from Hazel but in all actuality for me the best ones I would use are liberation and vision.  The reasons I have chosen these two are simple.  Once blocks have been removed the soul is liberated and with that freedom  I am better equipped to envision and manifest that which  brings to me both joy and abundance.  Although mortality is a classroom for learning and experience it is also important  to remember that our true purpose is to have joy and to have it more abundantly.  My heart is joyful for these healing experiences and I highly recommend Hazel as a practitioner.  It is very obvious to me that she values the human soul as this is evident in the loving manner she administers to those she serves.  Randy      Richlands, North Carolina  United States
"My session with Hazel was amazing. The connection was stronger than I have ever felt and has helped with my meditations since. It has lifted me and has created that focus which was much needed in my spiritual journey. Hazel has a remarkable gift and just being in her presence energises you. I am so grateful and blessed. Thank you so much Hazel."  A.M. Trinidad
Thank you Hazel for a very positive and uplifting session. The direction I received is invaluable. Blessings and love. S.B London
Hazel gave me an Angelic Reiki Healing and Telepathic Reading Session last year when she was visiting the United States. I was physically and mentally at a low par at the time and afterwards I felt dramatically energized and positive for a significant length of time afterwards. I was really surprised by this even though I could feel the beautiful Angelic energy flow into me at the time. The telepathic reading was very insightful and gave me much advice regarding relevant topics in my life at that time. The overall session lifted me immensely and gave me many things to consider to make necessary changes to my life and health, plus it was so soothing and comforting. I would recommend Hazel to anyone as I know first hand how beneficial her talents can be.I have since had another recent Angel Reading from Hazel and was just as equally impressed with her scope of skills.   A.E. U.K
Thank you Hazel for the healing. This explains why I woke up to clear and dry lungs this morning. Hardly any pain in them. They feel better. It made a difference. W.K  USA
I've been pretty good since our healing sessions. I took your recommendation and bought 'Ask and it is given' it's a fantastic book, thank you!  Madeleine  UK
The healing session was a beautiful experience. Communicating with my Higher Self; and for the first time getting answers right away was truly remarkable. Hazel's ability to help me go within and connect at such a level was inspiring. Since i've done the healing session with Hazel; my meditations have been a lot more focused and my connection has never felt stronger. It was and continues to be such a great experience; and I can't thank her enough.   Vijay- Trinidad
Jan and I just wanted to say how nice it was meeting you and you working with us and what a terrific person you are. I hope you continue to use your gifts to help people. A. B Trinidad
I was completely absorbed with Hazel's presentation. I felt connected and heard words as if the angels themselves were speaking their messages in and through her.
 I felt privileged  to be there and wish very much to learn more and experience my own special healing session. I thank God that I was chosen to be a part of this session. Hazel is inspiring and leads us to the unfolding of our own spiritual journey.
 Thanks Again and May God always walk with you.   P.T -Trinidad
Thank you so much for all these blessed messages!!! I just came back from a recital and it went so well; everything you described happened. Frst fear and lack of confidence but then suddenly I was not singing anymore, I mean it was not me... Very strange and comfortable feelling. I was so happy and calm it was a blessed moment.
Hazel you support me and your kindness truly moved me... From the bottom thank again for your help.   Helene - Switzerland
I got my confidence back after the hypnotherapy session.  A.D.- London
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