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                                 THETA HEALING

Theta Healing was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995. This healing modality can yield instant results and can effect changes on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It can be used to clear negative or limiting beliefs or programming on four levels which include the Core, Genetic, History, and Soul. Toxic programming which affects our thoughts, interpretations, reactions and emotional well being can inevitably affect our physical health and ability to experience a harmonious and happy life where we can embrace our highest selves, progress and live our fullest potential.
Many of our programmes and beliefs are stored in our unconscious mind and we are not aware of the disempowering effect it may have on our lives. With your conscious mind you may think one thing but you may still keep attracting circumstances, patterns and experiences counterproductive to progress or happiness. This is because deep in the unconscious mind beliefs are stored which create blocks to you creating, attracting or being what you desire. The Theta healing technique involves working on the client’s belief and feelings so that negative programmes or feelings are released and replaced with positive ones.  It can effect healing of many different types of issues by identifying the root cause of a problem thereby allowing memories or beliefs around an event to be released and healed, instantly.
Changes in one’s belief systems, thoughts and feelings can positively affect the physical body; for physical conditions are linked to the mental and emotional/feeling bodies.  When one changes ones beliefs, ones feelings will change and this can lead to a change one’s physical state.
In order to identify the beliefs or feelings which need to be changed muscle testing is undertaken. It is therefore vital that clients are adequately hydrated before attending a session. Muscle testing is used initially to determine the beliefs held  in the subconscious and also  to  check if they have been changed.
Theta Healing is premised on free will choice; so clients must desire and be ready for positive changes to occur in their lives. It also requires an acceptance that there is a Universal Consciousness often referred to as The Creator of All that is, God or Source. It is not attached to any religion and does not depend on one’s religious persuasion.
In Theta healing the practitioner goes into a Theta state or meditative state using the Theta brain wave and  travels to the 7 Plane of existence, connects with the ‘Source’ or ‘Creator of All That is’, makes a command to change what may be a limiting belief and replaced with a beneficial one.  It is the Creator who does the healing while the practitioner observes or witnesses it being done. It is the witnessing of the healing which brings it into reality.
Clients can experience changes within one session. However deep seated belief systems around an issue may require more belief work to be undertaken and therefore further sessions will be needed to achieve the result the client desires. The number of sessions required will really depend on the level of negative subconscious belief systems attached to your issue and how fast they reprogram into positive and empowering ones.

Belief: ‘I love myself no’
This can be changed using the Theta technique described above by the making of a command “Creator of all that is, it is commanded that the programme ‘I love myself no’ be pulled, removed and cancelled on all levels of belief except the history level where it must be resolved, and replaced with the programme ‘I love myself’. Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done.
The practitioner will then witness the healing and test the client using muscle testing to see if the programme has changed.
I have done several theta healing sessions for clients and they have all tested positive for change and reported feeling lighter and happier.
Theta Healing sessions:
 60 mins- £60

  90 mins- £90
To make an appointment contact [email protected] or call on 07974344795
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