THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul
The Celestial Touch is inspired by Celestial Minds and Hands directly connected to the Divine Source.  At the Celestial touch we work strictly with the Subtle Energy bodies of the client and not the physical body. For each healing modality offered and technique used, the highest energy vibration is  channelled to bring alignment, balance and accord  through the release of old patterns, paradigms, programming and attachments not serving the client’s highest good. The resulting effect of the session is a feeling of lightness, greater connectivity to self and optimism.
The Celestial Touch works directly with the Angelic Kingdom of Light and the Creator Source to determine the most appropriate session required for the client’s specific issues. During each healing session the client will be totally enveloped by the purest light and unconditional love of the Angelic Realm and Creator Source and become immersed in a vibration of wholeness. As an alternative healer we support the restoration of the client's subtle energy bodies and do not claim to heal the client. 
The client will be encouraged during the session to totally relax and enjoy the experience of being cocooned in divine energies.
The Celestial Touch sees every client as a whole, perfect and complete being with infinite potential.  We are committed to assisting you on your journey towards enlightenment through the energy healing and teaching services offered.  The Celestial Touch believes strongly in adding value to the client’s experience, so with every energy healing session undertaken we offer divine guidance to assist in your progress.
The Celestial Touch is the Divine Touch which we hope will awaken clients to their Sovereign and Divine nature as they release blocks and barriers which hold them back from remembering who they truly are and embracing themselves and potential with confidence, love and  faith.
The Bodies
The four lower bodies consist of four distinct frequencies- the physical, mental, emotional and etheric.
The physical body is the densest of the four lower bodies. It is the material body which corresponds to the earth element and provides a vehicle of consciousness for the soul’s journey on earth. It is the focal point for the energies of the etheric, mental and emotional bodies.
The mental body or mind corresponds to the air element and is intended to be the vessel for the Divine Mind. The Mind is the instrument on which the human will acts. The human will can be used constructively or destructively. The aim is that during one’s incarnation in human form the mental body or mind which houses the ego mind/ lower mental body (where there is awareness of self without the Divine) will exercise its free will and choose higher consciousness. This can occur when the person begins to have a healthy self image which enables them to let go of imposed limitations be it self imposed or otherwise and reach fearlessly for their divine self. When this begins to occur the person becomes transformed and begins to see them self and reality with a new perspective.
The emotional bodycorresponds to the water element and is the vehicle of the desires. It is also called the feeling body or astral bocy.
The etheric body corresponds to the fire element. ‘It is referred to as the envelope of the soul which holds the blueprint of the divine plan and the image of Christ perfection’ to be mirrored in the material world.
The etheric body consists of a structure of lines of force, or energy matrix upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored. In other words it forms a structure of meridians throughout the body and runs through all the major organs, glands, nerves and energy centers. This system of etheric energy permeates the physical body, supporting and sustaining it from moment to moment; without which the physical body could not be alive. The etheric body is the body that responds to homoeopathy, Reiki, and other alternative treatments.
We use our mental body or mind to interpret or perceive acts, events, experiences, circumstances and creations of others.  At any moment we can choose what words, associations and ideas we will use as the filters through which we interpret events. However through programming, habit, ideas or beliefs, we may tend to interpret events, experiences and even the words or projections of others through anger, distaste, hurt, fear or hatred.  When we use such mental filters as a source of interpretation our emotional bodies are impacted which accounts for how we feel and this directly affects the functioning of our bodies. Our emotions orchestrate our actions and as we act on our emotions wisdom can desert us and when this happens we surrender our power. The remedy is to get control of our emotions through the healing of the mental body.
The aim is to change the way we think by using different mental filters to interpret events etc so that a mind in balance will lead to balanced emotions and a balanced and healthy body.
The healing offered at The Celestial Touch is intended to facilitate balance of the mental, emotional and physical body together with healing at the soul level if necessary so that one is able to live in a state of empowerment.
The aura is created by the interaction of all the energies and inter-dimensional forces that make up the human being.It is the electromagnetic field surrounding and interpenetrating the four lower bodies of man and his chakras upon which impressions thoughts and feelings, words and actions of the individual are registered, including karma and records of past lives.
It is a combination of all of the energies and forces that are in and around which meshes together and extend outwards from the body. The etheric usually extends about one inch but can extend further under certain circumstances and the emotional and mental bodies extend outwards further, usually between 2-4 feet.
Often there may be attachments to the aura in the form of entities or discordant thought forms which affects a person’s experiences in life. It is necessary for the aura to be cleared so that the person can be healthy physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.
Chakras are centers of spinning light anchored in the etheric body governing the flow of energy to the four lower bodies of man.  The chakras are the main gateways through which consciousness enters into the light body. The light body contains various structures of light which includes the chakras.
If a chakra is blocked this means that the aspect of consciousness that it opens to will be blocked. For example if the Solar plexus stops spinning, the aspect of self esteem or personal power will be blocked. When one chakra is blocked or not spinning properly, the others will also be affected. The emotional/astral body can affect the chakras which may cause them to spin more slowly and become chaotic. The result is that they are unable to create the dimensional gateways needed to incarnate higher consciousness. This causes various parts of the person to become blocked or disconnected. The nature and the degree of chaos and slowness of the chakras will differ among individuals. It is necessary to clear as much as possible the blockages in the chakras so that the flow of energy could resume and higher consciousness accessed.
Cords of attachments are made of astral and etheric energy. They connect the astral and etheric bodies between two or more people and transfer emotional energy and life force energy between them. Physical distance does not matter as the cord is not a physical substance. Cords can create emotional issues for a person which can prevent the person moving on from experiences. Cords can be easily cleared. It only requires one of the persons to clear the cord and it will be cleared from the other.
The Celestial Touch offers services to clear, purify, heal and balance the chakras and auras as well as cutting cords of attachments or what we also call phychic hooks.
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