THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul
                 Aura Clearing
The Auric field or energy field is the light body surrounding the physical body. Within this field there may be many unseen blockages formed due to belief systems, discordant thought-forms and past contracts (in many cases from past lifetimes) stored in the soul memory.  These energetic blockages which includes ‘id’s are within the embodied chakras or energy centres  and can prevent a person from embodying the energy from their higher selves and the Source.
An ‘Id’ is a soul fragment that is still alive and well and affecting us from the past. It is created in an emotional moment when an individual becomes so caught up in an experience that time is forgotten and a fragment of the soul’s energy is splintered into a quantum potential which manifests as an ‘id’. As time is not really linear, but simultaneous, unseen ‘ids’ from past lives which are alive and stored in the cell memory can create issues in this life.
The ‘id’ itself is an identity which becomes personal to the individual because he/she can identify with it. So if the individual identifies with pain and suffering he/she creates an ‘id’. The identity could be ‘life is painful or I must suffer’. As this attitude solidifies into thought forms in the auric field, the more the individual feeds it with soul energy the attitude becomes charged with emotional energy and an ‘id’ is created. These ‘ids’ can attract and create experiences which could further solidify them in an individual’s auric field.
Some of the types of auric attachments apart from Ids’areoccupantswhich are ‘ids’ solidified (thought forms that due to their magnetic fields can attract undesirable experiences and relationships) over time; discarnatesor wayward spirits (beings who have died but not ascended. They are stuck on the astral level and they attach themselves to people); portals(openings in the individual’s energy centres which take on other people’s emotions) and wormholes (tunnels which connect a person’s light body to another dimension where  entities feed off the individual’s soul energy.
Solidified energetic blockages  often manifest as diseases and the magnetic charge from the attachments will attract the individual to people events, experiences, times and places with a similar low frequency thereby making it difficult for the person to manifest his/her desired reality.
In light of the above, Aura clearing focuses on clearing the auric field by energetically transmuting the attachments to the individual’s energetic field. Due to the non locality law of quantum physics, that time and space does not exist, Auric cleansing can be done remotely.
During the process the individual’s light body is scanned and using scalar language and energy directing techniques we can communicate with the individual’s higher self and sub conscious mind to permanently transmute the attachments from the embodied chakras. The individual can then recover golden soul fragments and their reality can change. With the energetic  blockages released, the individual may have the experience of having have more energy and may  be able to tap into a higher dimension of consciousness.
This form of Auric clearing is very powerful and the results can be instantaneous.  The session can be done via skype and the client will in the process be taught how to connect with his/her higher self.
 I was trained by Toby Alexander of DNA perfection to undertake this method of  Auric clearing. He created this technique. It is strongly recommended that if there is one healing  session you have let it be this one.


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