GRID MASTER


I AM  carer of the Grids through Conscious work with the Axiatonal Lines being 12 Left and 12 Right along the Meridian Line of the Planetary Global Map System, bearing on Co-ordinates. 

I walk along the road and I seed the System in me from Paradise Havona System and beyond to care for Grid Entrance Points and I tune for lengthy moments through by Throat Light to emit the Vibration for Grid restoration. I know where each Grid is located within each Country and as I walk along the Circuit of each Countries' Circumference I can tell where on the Land the CADENCE of the GRID is OFF and where it is HARMONIOUS. I LIFT THE TUNE in ME and move around to seed the new VIBRATION of NEW ALIGNMENTS to re organise the Grid below the EARTH. 

The Earth is low in its axis but has improved dramatically since 1970 until present and so the Vibrate-Frequency of the Earth is now higher than before. The Circuit that connects the Earth to the Paradise Havona System is called LOVA AVA ASA ATTA SUTA EIAEIA AD INFINITUM. It is the MICHAEL RAY of JESUS, also known as IMMANUEL JESHUA or JOSHUA MICHAEL. He is now called MICHAEL AURELIUS EXCELSOR AMAROSA of PARADISE HAVONA. He was the Christ and is the LATTER ALIGNMENT for the EARTH until the CHRIST ERA ended. 

The circumstance of the Earth's Grids is due to low aligned beings caring nothing for the Earth System for 22 Eras. The ELAKTON, TERELON, KERALON, ALBION, KARACTON, TRLVON, MYRUAN, LRYUAN, TERA, GAIAN, ARAMATHENAN, REPTILIAN, ELTON, REFTON, NIBUIAN, ANNUNUKI, BELTON, LUCIFERAN, VEGAN, ORION AND KORIEAN alignments, meaning Human System beings cared little for the Earth System and aligned to hate UNIFICATION and  LIGHT aligned Systems for EVOLUTION. Their choices cared nothing for the Earth's Grid aligned SIGMA, meaning Circuit care for future Elevation of the Planet as a Mission Planet for Human Evolution.

I care for Human Systems as well as the Planetary System, and the System we live within is called the PARADISE MICHAEL ELAMAH SYSTEM. Earth is a part of that System and must align to generate the Frequency panel order for Ascension in preparation for a New Era.

I care for the Homes of Humans by Aligning new care for the Home through Clearings and System Re-integration for old Energies, Portals and Gateways. I also MATRICULATE wiring in the Compound of Buildings to order Frequency changes. As the Planet evolves in its Vibration, the Frequency Panel aligns to move up and down until Human Consciousness evolves proportionately with the New Vibration of the Earth System, which is current to me writing this piece on GRID ALIGNMENT. How I do this is by using the SCINTER in my THIRD DIRECTIONAL INNER SIGHT to re-align the proper vibration of ELECTRIC HERTZ to seed old vibrations from the wiring out of existence. I unlock the Hertz setting from the wiring using the SCINTER in my EYE Zone and then re-lock it after I place in the wiring itself the new VIBRATORY CODE. 

All is CODING even ELECTRIC APPLIANCES  used in homes. When the Vibration of the Earth System aligns to be more, the ELECTRIC ALLIANCE for that is Electricity running underground. When I care for the Earth's Grids, the VIBRATION increases and the Setting for Wiring in the Compound of the House or Building must change. That change is NOT automatic. It must be done using Correct Lenses that can see beyond the Earth System. Only a Living Being within the Earth System who has achieved a level of DNA Activation to 48 strands fully, through Ascension, through and beyond the Earth System can actively work on the GRIDS of the Earth. 

The intention of others who say they work on the Earth's Grids to assist the Earth's Ascension but who do not have the Conscious Light MYAMA ( level of Light quotient) to actually make a difference in the GRIDS, cannot benefit the Earth in the way intended. The person who is attempting to align itself with Mother Earth to care for Her, benefits self with Higher alignments for Evolution. This is a Fact and not and Opinion. I AM saying this as many will not agree but it is the TRUTH.

The Setting for Wiring is aligned to change MAGNETICALLY in 2020, which will affect Atmospheric Pressure and Hertz of Electrical Appliances, as the underground Electricity moves quickly to radiate new CLAY COMPOUNDS to Create ELECTRICITY that is MAGNETIC. The ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC CONCORDANCE will MERGE and after that the CHRIST ENGINE will APPEAR to seed NEW FORAYS of SCINTER ALIGNMENTS from PARADISE. This means that the CHRIST ENERGY will generate NEW ELECTRICAL CODING for the EARTH System. 

In the future Electricity will be called 'MAGNECITY' to align Electrical with Magnetic codes for Hyper-Electricity, not known to man as yet. In the next 4-8 years 'MAGNECITY' will cope better with Frequency changes within the Earth System and Fuel for this will not be Oil or Gas, Solar, Wind or Neuclear Power but CLAY Compounds of a FRENETIC nature to harness Global Energy for new Radial Direction for care for Human Systems in Lighted Alignments for free MAGNECITY. In other words what was Electricity will now be Free MAGNECITY, as CLAY COMPOUNDS will be natural to the Earth System without the need to Drill below the Earth for Oil to fuel Electricity that is no longer needed in the way it use to be. Oil will still be utilised from beneath the Earth for other purposes. 
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