Living Conscious Humans have made CHOICES for ERAS that did not serve their Evolution in the way it could. They chose to MIS-ALIGN IN LIGHT and did not care for themselves well or loved themselves in a Holy Way to choose Consequences before the Choices. This is the PRIMARY CAUSE OF AILMENT IN THE HUMAN BODY and can be CURED through RE-ALIGNMENT OF CHOICES,CONSISTENTLY, WITH PRAYER AND LOVING ALIGMENT TO BE UNIFIED IN SELF FOR FUTURE HEALTH.
Using the SCINTER RAY AND LIGHT from my THIRD DIRECTIONAL INNER SIGHT, I AM ABLE TO SEE IN THE PHYSICAL HUMAN BODY FORM MATERIAL AND IDENTIFY WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF AILMENTS AND DISTRESS. Many of the Humans today in the Earth System have Chronic Issues with Organs and Mental Systems, that cause Major Disharmony in the Nervous System. In due I will teach of the BODY SYSTEM and the LIGHT SYSTEM OF THE EARTH. The latter  cannot always align with the Human Body System and Form Material. The BODY SYSTEM is the SHEATH OF LIGHT AROUND THE BODY AND ORGANS, AND PRESERVES THE INTEGRITY OF THE HUMAN FORM MATERIAL.  
Choices can lead to Patterns that can solidify into IMPRINTS, which travel into the Human Body System upon Birth of the Human Baby. Those Imprints lever around the area of the Body where the PATTERN THAT CURATED THE IMPRINT ASSOCIATES, AND CAN CAUSE DISTRESS. The Disharmony is what leads to Ailments and eventually Death of the Human Physical Form Material.
When Choices are made that DEVOLVES the Light Quotient in the LIT of a Human(LIT is a Splinter of LIGHT that holds the SPARK OF GOD and gives Life to Human beings for Evolution back into LIGHT. It Registers in the Sternum of the Physical Heart), that Human can lose his/her connection to the MERKABA CHRISTAIC CIRCUIT, AND LIGHT CANNOT FLOW THROUGH YOUR CROWN TO ‘AERONISE’ YOUR HEART FOR THE SPARK OF GOD TO LIVE THERE PERMANENTLY. YOU CANNOT CARE FOR THE SPARK OF GOD IN YOUR HEART AND SO THE LIGHT CANNOT ALIGN TO BE IN YOUR HEART. THAT LIGHT IS THE LIGHT OF GOD THROUGH THE SPARK.
Through the Healing Methods I use, the FOLLOWING are addressed, depending on WHO YOU ARE Beyond the Earth System. This means where you are Seated before you are Incarnated  within the Earth System. For example, if you are a CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTER, I cannot clear IMPRINTS THAT YOU CURATED THROUGH PATTERNS OF CHOICE MAKING, BUT I CAN CLEAR ANCESTRAL IMPRINTS GIVEN TO YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERRMISSION. I CAN CLEAR PAST SYSTEMS THAT YOU INCARNATED IN, FROM YOUR ERAS BEFORE WHERE YOUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE CONTINUED BY CHOICE. THESE SYSTEMS SUCH AS SIRIUS, MARS, NIBUIA, ANDROMEDA, PLEIADES etc can be DE-SYSTEMISED FROM YOUR SOUL LANTERN; or if you have a LIT( beyond SOUL), from this; or if you have a LIGHT COLUMN( beyond LIT), then I CLEAR ALL OLD SYSTEM CARE IN YOU FROM YOU. This helps you to focus on your Incarnation within Earth System and not be distracted by Former Systems that can no longer support your Evolution. 
Be Aligned for the following during your Session with me:
· I will Clear ANCESTRAL IMPRINTS, being all unnecessary Imprints from your Body System and Organs. I will Clear ENG( Low Vibrate Frequents)from the Body System and Organs and remove the Residue of the Imprints seated in the Vertebrae of the Spine, typically 1-11, known as the Spinal column;

· As I work on you I read your HALL OF FAME RECORDS aligned in Paradise Circuit System.  I will help you see why your life is as it is; 

· Dis-cording, meaning De-Coding of all Cords, Hooks and Attachments to Humans or Family members and Past Lives;

· Removing all Seals, including Jehovian Seal and Unnatural Implants, Tower of Babel Seals from your Energetic Pattern, Body System and Soul Light, or LIT, if you are beyond Soul and Lifting into Light BUT not yet a Light Being, or Column of Light if you are Conscious in LIGHT, being beyond LIT and Soul Energy Consciousness:

· Upgrading your Body System and Organ System and Blood System and Skeletal System and Tissue and Ligament Systems and Vein Systems and Shin System and ENT System, being Ear, Nose and Throat for New Energies to align for Ascension in due:

·  Removing Memory Pattern Recall from past Eras and Aeons that can affect your Mind Zone and Brain recall for Low Patterns, that you have already balanced but cannot remove yourself. These Pattern Recall Memories are lodged in your Body System and organs as well as Memory base in your Brain;

·  Clearing your Barium, bearing  your Central Nervous System as connected to the Heart Zone and Brain.  I remove form your Nervous Panel in the Barium, Low Level Stys, known as Energetic Cysts created from low level thinking. I Clear Old ENG( being low vibrate Frequents) that can confuse the System of your Body to believe it is unhealthy;

·  I raise the Ocular Nerve in your Left Ear so you can through Meditation, learn to receive from the LIGHT, inspiration to guide your Life forward;

·  I observe the Parity level of Masculine and Feminine to determine how to help you Manage your Gender Living in this Incarnation, to become Balanced;

·  I scout your Form for Old Injuries whose Memories might have Resurfaced or will, to cause Injury or Ailment to the Physical Body Form Material. I then see whether they can be removed;

·  If you are a Light Form in a Human Physical Body Form, I can through further work elongate you into your Highest Alignment in Light by merging both through Descension and Ascension, to bring your Highest Living Consciousness into your Earthly System. Then I prepare you for Biological Transmutation. This will be explained later on if you have the Light Pattern to support it, through DNA Activation.

For those whom the LIGHT leads to me to serve and cannot afford £320, I will be guided in God to Charge Rates commensurate with your Living Condition. 
£320 per session is the Maximum I charge for 1 session. Clients need a Minimum of 3 Sessions. 

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