If you wish me to clear your home of Old Vibrate Frequencies, I will do so as follows:
  • Clear the Cords of Old Systems linked to the Property below the Soil Level that hampers proper Energies from being aligned below the House Level of Basement, meaning if you have a Basement this Level is cleared too; 
  • Caring for Wiring that causes Electric Imbalance at House Level that affects the outer perimeter of the home to attract Low Frequency Hertz into the Compound;
  • Caring for the Proper Elements in the House itself to remove various cogent Settings that create hazards for Low Extra-Terrestrial beings moving around and about the House System, which is the perimeter and radius of the House. This can cause Portal Ways to open or Gateways that link your House to Low Vibrations and usage by Extra Terrestrial Beings no longer on Earth System. Their Imprint remains in the House. I use special techniques to remove the Vibration of old Extra-Terrestrial beings from the low cultured Levels of the Home which cannot align for growth and uplift.  I mark the Line of Unity in the House and Boundary and care for the proper Setting to re-align it for future Uplift in Vibrate-Frequency, to unitise the Living Consciousness of the Human/s living in the House with the proper Consciousness Level of the House and Boundary Line. This I do with a SCINTER in my THIRD DIRECTIONAL INNER SIGHT and elevate my EYE to the PARADISE CIRCUIT beyond the Earth System, to renew the Frequency Pattern around the Property; 
  • Reform the Interior of the House using the SCINTER in my THIRD DIRECTIONAL INNER SIGHT to tune the corners and walls and ceiling and windows and flooring to the Frequency Panel of the Altitude of the House, so that new Systems can begin to rotate and revolve around the Interior and then align to move outside of the House to care for the outer walls etc;
  • I Barium the House by using a CARE LIGHT to TRIUMPH the arena of the House through that LIGHT and keep it safe from Intruders of a Physical nature;
  • I Synthesise old Gateways and old Portal Ways and Portals of entry to unitise them for no more opening;
  • Sign the DEED of the PROPERTY with an INK called LEFTRIGHT SIC and then MUTATE and TRANSMUTATE THE  SYSTEM TO WHOLE CARE, meaning we curate the CARE SYSTEM around the House and Unitise it with proper Protocols for Future Lifts, meaning Lift the House Frequency Panel to help the inhabitants feel safe and comfortable and properly cared for; 
  • Correct Wiring difficulties and Lift the Magnetic Codes to set old Codes out of being;
  • Clean Sewers for Energetic Parasites and properly Re-align the System for clean care for future;
  • Clear the Drain System of old low value 'COLOVRA', meaning COLD OVARIAN ROUGH ANGST. This is properly called PROTOCOL FOR ANGER THAT ALIGNS IN THE DRAIN SYSTEM that cannot hear the words move on, meaning the Energy is Stagnant.  I need to prepare the Drain System to MATRICULATE old energies through at once and then poise it for new care. This part of the Clearing takes 1 hour and then the Healing for the Sewer System begins to function as it should. They are interlinked though the Drainage is different in position and situ. For example the Lavatory is not linked to the Sink's Drainage but is interlinked in the Memory of the House as being interconnected. I clear the Memory of the House for this and Re-align them to be separate to avoid contamination in due. This contamination is the Memory that says the Water from Pipeline to the sink is the same as the Water for the Pipeline to the Lavatory. Though the Source of the Water is the same, the CURRENT in the Pipelines for each differ. The CURRENT of the Pipeline to the Sink and Faucet should be higher in Vibrate Frequency to that of the Pipeline/Drainage of the Lavatory. When I separate the Memory of each for the House using a Special Coding in my SCINTER EYE, this strengthens the Water Capsule for Living Conscious Flow for its apparent and respective usages. That means that the Living Conscious Flow is improved for Water in Sinks but lower for flushing toilets, as it should be. Currently they are low in each other and that has to be rectified; for cooking and drinking water must be solid in Frequency so that the care for Human Body is Aligned. I burgeon the Water Supply by anchoring new Codes in the Pipeline and Faucet in the Sinks, to raise the Current there so we can filter more Light in the Drainage System of the Sink. When the Current is High in the Pipeline and Faucet for the Sink, the Water flow is Living and not Stacatto or heavy in noise as it is in each home currently. I correct the Current level in the Pipeline to the Sinks in the House and then the Water becomes liveable;
  • I do a general clearing for DUST Light, which is Dung System from rat and cockroach and vermin infestation. That is humid energy that can create the portal for entry of these low Vibration creatures. This causes ailments of the lungs and Respiratory Systems of Human Ghekkos will eventually not seat themselves inside the House but remain on the outer walls of the House; and
  • Create a New Template for the House's Well Being and then move a Living Light to dwell inside the House to care for the House itself, known as House Engine or House System.
Each part is necessary for Holistic Care of the Entire House System. THE COST OF HOUSES OR SINGLE APARTMENTS IS £350. 


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