THE CELESTIAL TOUCH - Enlightenment is the distance between a balanced Mind/Body/Soul
                                                                                           PROPERTY REALIGNMENT

 In the same way that you can read the Akashic Records of a Soul, you can read the Akashic records of a Property

A Property Realignment is undertaken in the records of the Property. It involves identifying an clearing the following:

  • Whether there are portalways in the property  allowng entities to come and go;
  • Whether there are negative entities attached to the properties which create discordant energetic qualities in the home;
  • Whether there are Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts and Poltergeist on the property;
  • Whether there are negative thoughtforms created on the property or directed at the property;
  • Whether there are anger spears directed at the property
  • Whether there are Gateways (energetic highways) allowing for entity traffic which creates discordant energy and draws energy from the inhabitants of the home;
  • Whether the land on which the home is on was ever assigned a  Sacred site, Burial ground or Battle ground. Each of these affects the energy of the property. The property needs to be transformed and  reassigned for its present use.

The effect of this clearing is INSTANTANEOUS.

Cost- £80

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